April 17, 2023

Bank Earnings, Naked Tesla Vids, Stasi Databases, Emerging Markets, Leaked Secrets, $$$ Sneakers

Bank Earnings, Naked Tesla Vids, Stasi Databases, Emerging Markets, Leaked Secrets, $$$ Sneakers
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Earnings season started last week with the Big Banks and so far they seem to be the beneficiaries of the banking hiccup. It will be interesting to see what the small banks say this coming week. CPI and PPI were both down last week showing signs that inflation may be flattening off.

Also in the news we saw the videos of you that Tesla is sharing, emerging markets are back in fashion, companies are tightening spend and reducing staff, Tupperware's fate could be sealed, EY banned in Germany, US Airman leak, Stasi databases and more.

So kick back for 20 minutes, level up your financial knowledge and let yourself be entertained. We're loving your questions so please keep them coming in.

- Why big banks are doing well and what this means for small banks
- Emerging markets are back fashion
- Companies cutting spend on IT systems
- Credit crunch
- Twitter debt
- Larry Ellison's Oracle shares
- Ernst and Young banned from working in Germany
- East German secret police (Stasi) databases
- Relaunch of Hofbrau beer
- Michael Jordan sneakers sell for $2.2m

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