March 27, 2023

Banks, Ammo or TikTok, Opium Cafes, Real Estate Fails, Worst Job, EVs, Russians, Credit Crunch

Banks, Ammo or TikTok, Opium Cafes, Real Estate Fails, Worst Job, EVs, Russians, Credit Crunch
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Shock, horror there was no big bank disaster over the weekend. Maybe they're stabilising, for now they look ok and SVB has found a buyer in First Citizens Bank. However, a sector of banks does look particularly exposed to US Commercial Real Estate.

Social Media has been in the news this week: the value of Twitter has halved, TikTok updated congress and a study shows that social media contributes to depression and thoughts of suicide amongst teenagers. And in Europe they can't make ammunition because all the power is being used up by a TikTok server farm. Speaking of Europe we also cover Opium Cafes and the hybrid working losses of unpurchased sandwiches.

So kick back for 20 minutes, level up your financial knowledge and let yourself be entertained. Plus keep those questions coming in.

- Banks are ok now. Aren't they?
- Head of Saudi National Bank resigns
- Clickbait and Polarized news
- Tiktok or Ammo
- Twitter value halves
- Disgruntled employee puts Twitter code on Github
- Tiktok CEO does a good job in front of Congress
- Opium cafes
- Ford Electric Vehicle (EV) losses
- The coming credit crunch
- Towing with a Tesla
- Low commercial real estate occupancy
- 80% of lending from small/regional US banks
- Loss of business income in city centres
- More consultancy job cuts, this time Accenture
- When is the recession coming?
- Worst job in the world
- Christine Lagarde (Mark's crush)
- Astrology the only science that makes Economics look good
- Finding economic indicators
- Looking for everyday savings
- Russians, queuing and Depeche Mode

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