May 23, 2023

Debt ceiling, no Chinese walls, astronomic air fares, demise of meat free, AI hype, credit crunch

Debt ceiling, no Chinese walls, astronomic air fares, demise of meat free, AI hype, credit crunch
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Retail sales are getting worse, the debt ceiling hasn't been resolved, nobody knows if there will be another interest rate rise and Target has posted a $500m loss due to theft. You'd be forgiven for thinking we live in crazy times!

Let's just say there is a lot of uncertainty out there at the moment and it's time to keep a cool head. This week we ask who audits the auditors after 2 of the Big 4 get banned, debate the airline capacity issue and mull over the latest Musk decisions.

So catch this and much more in only 20 minutes:

- US Debt ceiling
- Retail spending outlook
- The hype of AI
- Air fares and airline capacity
- Who's stealing from Target?
- E&Y and PWC get banned, who audits these companies?
- What no Chinese Walls
- Meta $1.3bn fine from EU
- No more meat free (where are all the vegans?)
- Free money is over
- Alcohol free gin, why?
- Twitter CEO
- Starlink in action
- Tesla recall, pricing and advertising
- Adani companies delisted
- Stick to the knitting
- 21 new emojis

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