Oct. 19, 2022

Largest one day move, bad debt provisions, US interest rates to 9%, collapse in IPOs, Nepal update

We're here to keep you safe in the financial markets and bring you your weekly update of the top global financial news.  This week we cover the largest daily movement ever seen on the S&P,  bank earnings performance, high high can interest rates go, roboadvisers finfluencers, the collapse of IPOs and more:

So in 20 minutes we get into:

- The most volatile day in history on the S&P, a 5% swing
- Bank earnings have started and provisions for bad debts is going up
- IMF meeting updates and Brit bashing
- How to get the feedback you need (teenage daughters?)
- US interest rates forecast to get to 9%
- Russian army conscription to end
- Our roving reporter in Nepal gives an update on their economy
- Finfluencers (yes you read that right), roboadvisors and tiktok
- Online grocery deliveries, does the model still work?
- The collapse in IPOs
- Zombie companies
- The beyond meat saga, $239 to $14.60 ...... beware the hype cycle! 

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