Sept. 15, 2022

Laura Cayouette (actress, writer, producer and director) on how to write a book and get started on what you want to do!

We were thrilled to interview the multi-talented Laura Cayouette (American actress, writer, producer and director).  You will have seen her in many roles including opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in Django Unchained.

In addition to her film work Laura is a prolific author.  But writing books didn't come easily to her.  She first had to figure out the process of how to write which has been captured in her book and video series Writing Unblocked.  This gives a step by step process on how anybody can write a book.  If you follow the process then you can write a book.

She fundamentally believes that we all have things to share and if you don't think you've got a great story to tell then think again, you probably have.

In this interview she shares her life's journey from wannabe professor to actor to author.  What brought her to writing including her upbringing on a commune, the best book she's ever read, the relationship between acting and writing and her process for writing a book.  It took 20 years to write her first book and she has now written 5 books in the past 4 years.

This is a great conversation, Laura is a real 'can do' person and we she is truly inspiring. We have a lot of fun on the way as we cover astronauts, bank robbers, elephant trainers and bounty hunters! 

As Laura says "life is not a dress rehearsal ...... so get off the couch and do what you want to do"

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