April 3, 2023

Oil up, AI Ban, Dirty Business, Prompt Engineering, Savings Gone, US and China, Proxy War, Bear Meat

Oil up, AI Ban, Dirty Business, Prompt Engineering, Savings Gone, US and China, Proxy War, Bear Meat
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We woke up this morning to an increase in the price of oil, that means Gasoline prices are going back up! AI has been all over the news as the next best thing but now people (including Elon) want to slow down the progress and in Italy it's even been banned.

We cover these topics along with making money in dirty businesses, covid savings, US and China, proxy wars, Japanese vending machines surprise, the Ottoman empire and more.

So kick back for 20 minutes, level up your financial knowledge and let yourself be entertained. We're loving your questions so please keep them coming in.

- OPEC+ reducing oil output
- Putting the brakes on AI
- Mamma Mia! ChatGPT banned in Italy
- Dirty businesses making money
- Retraining AI
- Prompt engineering
- Covid savings almost gone
- A days work for a days pay
- The cost of working in a city
- Working in your 20s and working in your 50s
- Pension money has to go somewhere
- What no missiles
- US companies in China
- Proxy wars and Lifetime Presidents
- Tough times for banks (and shadow banks) deal making down
- Sam Bankman Fried family problems
- Who should be in jail?

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