May 9, 2023

Regional Banks, King Charles III, Commercial Property, Richest Man, Luxury Goods, Goldfinger, Goldeneye, Shadow Banks

Regional Banks, King Charles III, Commercial Property, Richest Man, Luxury Goods, Goldfinger, Goldeneye, Shadow Banks
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It was a good week for King Charles III and Bernard Arnault the CEO of LVMH. Not so good for Jerome Powell and the Fed with yet more confusing economic data points. Regional banks also had a tough week and you can't help but feel something messy is lurking below the surface.

The markets are just burbling along at the moment, no one wants to push them up and no one wants to push them down so it's all fairly static. We ask why and what will get us back to normal, plus why do Manual Traders find it so hard to make money. We cover commercial real estate debt, rising jobs numbers but a lack of key staff (particularly at airports), Apple performance, the usefulness of new electronic products and whether people are tuning off from self generated content and influencers.

So catch this and much more in only 20 minutes. HEADS UP - the MAY MADNESS discount quoted in the video should reference a $900 discount (NOT £900).

- King Charles III coronation
- Regional banks in distress
- Commercial real estate debt
- Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger
- Last week's interest rate and jobs numbers
- Where are all the staff
- Doctor Who's parallel world
- Why Private Traders don't make money
- Apple performance
- The end of consumer electronics innovation
- The demise of self generated content and influencers
- Richest man in the world
- Luxury goods sales
- Gold (via Goldfinger and Goldeneye)
- Has Robert Kyosaki drunk too much Coolaid
- Regulating Shadow Banking
- 100% mortgages

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