April 24, 2023

SpaceX, Honey Laundering, Tesla Pricing, Tech Reporting, Fox pays, Apple BNPL, Secret Police in NY

SpaceX, Honey Laundering, Tesla Pricing, Tech Reporting, Fox pays, Apple BNPL, Secret Police in NY
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It was a tough week for Elon Musk last week, the SpaceX ship failed to separate and the continual changes to Tesla prices are confusing customers. Better though for Dominion Voting Systems who secured at $787m out of court settlement in their defamation suit against Fox News.

This week we ask what is the catalyst to break out of these moribund markets, the global scandal that is honey laundering, the launch of Apple's savings account and 'buy now pay later' scheme, when a laptop becomes too powerful, offsetting Mark's carbon footprint, Chinese secret police in Manhattan and much more!

So just relax for 20 minutes, level up your financial knowledge and let yourself be entertained. We're loving your questions so please keep them coming in.

- Green Parrot vs SpaceX
- What price a Tesla?
- The cost of refinancing
- Fox defamation payout
- Are the Murdoch's happy?
- What's wrong with Jerry Hall
- Apple stores in India
- Apple launches savings account and Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)
- Confusing product ranges
- Offsetting a carbon footprint
- Moribund markets, where's the catalyst?
- Big tech reporting
- The Fed's favorite CPI measure and interest rate decision
- Pensions savings level
- When cheap is not good
- Why is there sugar in bread
- Chinese secret police station in Manhattan run by US nationals

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