Oct. 10, 2022

Surprise jobs report, oil production cut, the death of SPACs, Meta relaunch and Elon saves the day

Welcome to your weekly update of the top global financial news.  This week we seem to cover everything!  From the Opec+ decision to the US jobs report, we ask what happened to SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies), what's next for Meta, phone addiction, Elon Musk fixing the world, German energy and EU Tensions, Cultural Imperialism, Chris great trading performance and more.

So in 20  minutes we get into:

- The decision by Opec+ to reduce all production and why it's made the US President unhappy
- Friday's booming job numbers coming in way over consensus
- The closing of SPACs, early in the year they were the new investment vehicle now they're all being wound up
- Why is Meta relaunching already?
- Elon Musk tries to play global peacemaker
- German energy reserves for winter
- Why Trader's struggle with managing risk
- Chris super trading performance
- This week's IMF meeting
- and a new phrase I learnt this week "cultural imperialism"

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