March 20, 2023

Swiss Shotgun Wedding, Jeff Goldblum was right, money market volatility, no ammo, 0.5% rate rise

Swiss Shotgun Wedding, Jeff Goldblum was right, money market volatility, no ammo, 0.5% rate rise
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Well another week, another bank failure! Credit Suisse had to be bailed out over the weekend; ultimately selling to Switzerland's UBS for $3bn (its value in December was $50bn). Despite the Swiss Central bank guaranteeing over $50bn of support earlier in the week. But even amid this turmoil, the European Central Bank (ECB) pushed ahead with its 0.5% interest rate rise, the question is will Jerome Powell of the Federal Reserve do the same this week?

But banking confidence is not the only thing going on. We also cover the downed US drone, volatility and volumes in the treasury markets, company fund raising issues, Dollar General retailer revises its outlook, Argentina's inflation, what Jurassic Park told you was true, ChatGPT AI issues and much more.

So relax for 20 minutes, level up your financial knowledge and let yourself be entertained and keep those questions coming in.

- Shotgun wedding - Credit Suisse and UBS
- $3bn for a $50bn
- Legal challenges around $17bn AT1 debt write off
- When investors are scared they're scared
- Did Saudi National Bank spokesman cause the run on Credit Suisse
- Money pouring into US Treasuries
- Volatility in the money markets
- Down rounds due to company valuations; do the business models still work
- Argentina inflation has hit 100%
- Dollar General downgrades the outlook
- No ammo or explosives
- Drone gets downed by fuel
- Ukraine becomes a political football in the US
- Stormzy vs Stormy Daniels
- BMW prices have gone up 40% since 2020
- ChatGPT is down; has it done a Hal (2001 AD)
- AI Hallucinations
- Prompt engineering (how to talk to AI)
- You still need to do hard work
- ChatGPT in Excel, why bother?
- Remember Jeff Goldblum said: "just because you can, it doesn't mean you should!"
- ECB raises interest rates
- Following highly specific scenarios, waiting and being patient

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