Nov. 7, 2022

The business of sperm, more tech sector woes, mid term elections, no Fed pivot, COP27 and refugees

Here is your weekly update of the key finance and business stories.  We're here to keep you safe in the financial markets so message us with any questions that you have.

This week we cover everything from the business of sperm, through to mid term elections, buy now pay later, tech redundancies, what next for the Musk(eteer!) and refugees. 

So relax for 20 minutes and absorb:

- Elon Musk's first week at Twitter
- Tech redundancies indicate more sector weakness
- China zero covid policy update
- Interest rates increase but where's the PIVOT?
- The market for sperm
- US midterm elections
- Brazil's election result
- Buy now pay later sugar rush
- The increasing wealth gap
- COP27 Climate Conference in Egypt
- Russians emigrating
- Ukrainian benefit tourists

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