Sept. 28, 2022

Update from India, Dollar Strength, price of gold, rising commodities and is fascism back in Italy?

Welcome to your weekly update of the top global financial news.  This week finds Mark in Bangalore, India.   So we cover the Finance view from India (including gold), falling commodity prices, the danger of a strong dollar strength, power cuts, how inflation is hitting your wallet, the new Italian Prime Minister and the overvalued Deli.  And of course the lunatic politics in the UK.  Apologies for the slight echo on this weeks podcast, normal service will be resumed next week.

So in 17 minutes (and a few blackouts) we get into:

- The Indian economy and markets
- Falling commodity prices
- The danger of the rising dollar
- The price of gold
- New Italian Prime Minister
- The New Jersey Deli worth $100m (or is it?)

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